MUMBAI – Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has reportedly sacked 20 of his bodyguards for ‘misbehaving with the guests and even slapping them’.

According to Bombay Times, the 51-year-old actor fired his bodyguards after one of them scuffled with his guests.

Reports in India media suggested the Tubelight actor had invited guests to a event where his bodyguards were told to take care and provide security to the people. A guest misbehaved with his guard and slapped him after the heated argument.

The guard didn’t hold back and slapped the guest member in return.

This made Khan’s friend really angry and he complained about the inappropriate and unacceptable behavior of his security personnel.

All the bodyguards were summoned by Salman the next day, and he decided to sack all twenty guards in one go.

“We all were sacked because one of us had the guts to tell bhai to remove the guard at fault. Why should the others lose their jobs because of him?” said one of the bodyguards who wasn’t involved in the brawl, but was sacked anyway.

The security guard complained about the Wanted star’s fluctuating moods and said ‘they govern his whole life’.

Reports said Salman Khan responded by just saying, “You are talking too much.”