Paris Hilton was once the ‘life of the party’ and perhaps one of Hollywood’s most famous socialites. Whether you loved her or hated her, she was there to stay. She enjoyed her reality TV show, epic feuds with fellow socialites, and even had a leaked sex tape. 

Hilton has been a best-selling author, an actress, model and an ambassador. She is a DJ too now, and has her own line of bags and accessories.

But why haven’t we been hearing much from her lately?

Here’s a few reasons why she might be skirting the spotlight.

She made a few offensive comments about the LGBT community:

Let’s face it, freedom of expression is nice but for celebrities, it’s a matter of love-hate. In a recording obtained by Radar Online, Hilton was accused of homophobic comments. She said that most gay men probably have Aids, and they’re disgusting. She also mentioned that she would be ‘so scared’ if she was a gay guy.

She stated that black men are gross:

Hilton claimed that black men are gross, and once when she was asked how ‘black’ should someone be in order for her to be okay with their existence, and she said 1%.

She has a huge line of fragrances:

Hilton’s perfume business has attracted an estimated $2 billion dollars in profit, according to reports. She definitely is doing much better than her reality TV shows with all the perfumes.

She has her own handbags and accessories line:

Hilton’s business extends beyond fragrances. She has her own accessory line that includes handbags, wallets, beauty cases, jewelry and what not.

She still hasn’t recovered from her leaked sex tape:

Paris said in a 2011 interview on CNN that she still grapples with the fallout from her sex tape. She believes that she was in love with the person who allegedly leaked it, and it was heart-breaking for her because people judge her based on that one night. She thinks she’ll have to live with it for the rest of her life and explain it to her children. “It’s something that’s changed my life forever and I’ll never be able to erase it,” she said.

Hilton’s DJ job keeps her occupied:

Who knew Paris Hilton could be an awesome DJ? In September 2016, Refinery29 reportedly paid Hilton $300,000 for a gig in Serbia. Way to go, girl!

She wants to find the love of her life:

Hilton was been looking for a man to fulfill her dreams for quite some time now. She mentions her sister Nicky Hilton all happy with the love of her life and making a family, and wants to find a man that’s loyal too. “I don’t trust anyone because I got hurt so much in life, and I don’t want to put myself out there to get hurt again,” she stated.

However, Hilton secretly wishes to find a man to fill the void.