While Aamir Khan’s Dangal is set to make history in India, we across the broders, are curious to know of the blockbuster’s screening plans in Pakistan.

It has certainly been a long wait. Well, how much more?

According to reports, Pakistan Censor Board asked for two cuts in Aamir Khan’s Dangal. The first cut was to be made on India’s National Flag, while the second cut was to involve India’s national anthem in the film, if Aamir wanted it to release in Pakistan.

However, the actor exclaimed that the two scenes were ‘crucial to the spirit of the film’ and he certainly had no plans of releasing the film without the national anthem in it.   

“Yes, the board unanimously decided to skip two scenes,” Pakistan’s Central Board of Film Censors, chief Mobashir Hasan, confirmed to the Indian media.

But, Aamir’s spokesperson reported that the actor believes that the two scenes are “crucial to the spirit of the film.”

In regards to their decision to censor the scenes, Mr Hasan commented further, “the decision is the collective wisdom of the board.” He also added that now it is up to the local distributor whether to release the film or not.

Directed by Nitesh Tiwari, Aamir Khan played wrestler Mahivar Singh Phogat in the biopic. Having been released last year in December, it proved to be an instant hit with both critics and moviegoers, soundly thrashing Salman Khan’s ‘Sultan’ at the box office. The film opened to phenomenal feedback and reviews and has earned itself a lifetime collection of Rs 387.38 crore.

Hold your horses guys. It’s not the end. Hurray to DVDs and home theater systems!