Caution: The following videos may cause a major growling in your tummy and get you salivating.

If you’re a foodie then you know the exact struggles of one. Now that the month of Ramadan is here, all the food lovers tend to go out and try various restaurants and their Iftar deals but wait – doesn’t that cost a fortune? Why wouldn’t you want the scrumptious, lip-smacking and succulent chicken right in your very own kitchen!

Don’t act too surprised, the thing is that we’ve got you covered for all that. Knorr has made our lives easier and so much better by ensuring that Knorr Crispy Fried Chicken Mix lets you have the delicious food right in the comfort of your home! You don’t have to head to a restaurant for it anymore. We came across recipe videos Knorr shared using just the magic ingredient – Crispy Fried Chicken Mix.

Let us inform you that they are no ordinary videos, they are the kinds of some stunning visuals and it has some on-point sound effects too. Basically, they’re one of a kind. With just watching them you’ll get the urge of reaching out to your screen and grabbing the mouthwatering dishes. Just put on your headphones and raise the volume, you’ll feel like it’s all being cooked right in front of you! Could it get any better?

Oh, and wait, the Crispy Fried Chicken packs are available at all your nearby stores plus you can also get your hands on it if you’d opt for placing an order online! Cool eh?

Crispy Chicken Burger 

Imagine chicken breast marinated in a soy, ginger and garlic sauce, which is battered and pan-fried to crispy perfection, paired with sesame mayo and crunchy coleslaw in a soft seeded bun.

For Crispy Fried Chicken fillets

Fried chicken on its own? Perfection. Fried chicken and waffles? Double the fun, which means Knorr’s recipe Crispy Fried Chicken fillets. These chicken cutlets are fried deeply in good amount of oil in a frying pan and only take a few minutes to cook through. No need for quarts of sputtering oil and figuring out what to do with all the leftover frying oil.

Crispy Chicken Pizza

Cheesy, doughy, crispy on the edges, soft in the middle, loaded, homemade pizza.

Chopped capsicum, red onions, a dash of pepperoni, and tons of cheese, this Crispy Chicken Pizza. The chicken pizza crust may sound difficult to you but it’s the yummiest thing you can have in your Iftar.

Crispy Chicken

This finger licking crispy chicken is the must dish of your Iftar dinner.

Whether you’re using up the last of the rotisserie chicken or you’re making wings, chicken is a dinner staple for most families. The most popular poultry dish among the kids has got to be Crispy Chicken.