Pakistani actor Hamza Ali Abbasi defended the controversial statement that he made on Monday regarding the Pakistani passport; he said that those who disagree with what he said were ‘blind’.

Hamza stated this in a video clip which went viral after it was shared from his Facebook account. The Pakistani actor and anchor said that one could disagree with the intensity of the words he used.

Yes, you can certainly disagree or be offended with the intensity of the words that I used during my show. However, if you disagree with what I said then I’m sorry to say you’re not a patriotic person, you’re just blind,” he stated.

Hamza Ali Abbasi went on to add that it was a fact that the Pakistani passport did not hold any value owing to the harmful policies of those who ruled this country.

“Yes this is a great country but unfortunately, nobody respects our passport in the world,” he said.

Hamza Ali Abbasi clarified his stance that the whole initial discussion started when he had suggested that the Pakistani government grant citizenship to the 300-400,000 Rohingya community that was living in Karachi.

Grant these people citizenship so that they can have basic necessities of life,” he said. “So that their children can go to school and they are able to stay here,” he added further.

Hamza suggested that this was a plausible solution since the Rohingya community could not return to Myanmar any time soon.