The social media sensation, Zaid Ali T kick-started a storm on social media when he suddenly announced his wedding. Everybody considered it to be another prank as the star has fooled us before a countless number of times on the matter. This time, however, it was different!

Youtube Blogger, Zaid Ali got hitched to the love of his life, Yumna and hell broke loose when the funny man finally revealed a glimpse of his beloved Mrs. to the world.

While the comedian’s well-wishers were very happy with the latest turn of events in his life, the rest spewed some hurtful remarks to the youngster’s wife!

Some even got downright offensive to the point that she was called ‘Ugly.’

However, the star instantly rose to shut a hater up! This is how he took a stand:

Well, haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate!

The team behind Daily Pakistan wishes Zaid Ali all the best with his Haseena! Hoping to see the pretty pair’s cute PDA make its way to our computer screens soon!