An open letter to The Donald from Pakistan

Mr. Trump,

Am I your friend? If you come into office will you beat me economically because I am also somebody who is not sending you their finest people? I hope that you do realize it is not me sending my people abroad but rather people leaving of their own accord because they think America is the land of the free. The phenomenon in which people migrate from a place of lower standards of living to one of higher standards is actually called ‘brain drain’. And no, it is not beneficial for a growing economy. No it is not!

I noticed that with you it’s all about beating or getting beat. You talk about beating China or of Mexico beating the United States, do you understand that this is not actually an elementary school playground? I mean do you?

One of the most honorable things of American society is the high esteem in which they hold soldiers who have fallen for the United States. A mother who lost a son should not be wrongfully accused of not talking enough. We know you are talker, not everyone is. That doesn’t give you the right to bigotry. No, Islam does not restrict a women’s speech in any way. It is awful that you have treated the mother of a fallen soldier in such a way. Just awful!

You say you wanted to take Iraq’s sovereign oil at the end of the war, is that your version of when a bigger bully takes his prey’s lunch? Is it? I hope you are on board as I hurry through your gross misrepresentations. I am trying to repeat as much as possible so you don’t accuse us Muslims of speaking gibberish. Such comments can be expected from you. They can.

You say you love the American soldiers, then why is it that it seems you want to fuel further conflict rather than bringing it to a close? Do you not understand that conflict will bring death to those you love? It will. Thousands and thousands of wounded soldiers. Death. Destruction. Bad things.

You say that America’s nuclear arsenal doesn’t work. You don’t have to be ashamed that Putin thinks it doesn’t work. Trust me, it works fine. It does. Putin knows. It seems that only you seem to believe in these gross misrepresentations.

One thing is for sure, we don’t hear from anybody else the same interpretation of events as we do from you. Is it because you’ll say anything for popularity? Is it? Do you not understand the impact your speeches can have on people who don’t have knowledge of the global political landscape?

Going on and on about your material wealth doesn’t impress anybody. A great leader is not necessarily one who can fill his pockets the fastest. If that was the criteria I must warn you, we have some of the best leaders out there. Look where it has gotten us. I leave you with one of your favorite words and which perhaps describes you most accurately. Stupid.

P.s. You do have small hands. There is no denying it.



Ahmad Tariq

Ahmad Tariq

Ahmad Tariq is a graduate of Institute of Business Administration (IBA) and a keen follower of Pakistani politics.