Break the chains, Its “Chutti Time” Ali Gul Pir’s latest single

Ali Gul Pir never fails to impress everyone with his talent. He always comes up with mocking ideas and equally entertaining music videos to give his fans a good time. Ali Gul Pir made his mark in the music industry with his song “Waderai ka beta” which was a song written in a very satirical way where he highlights the attributes of the son of a wadera.

Ali Gul Pir has now come up with his latest single which  is an anthem for all working people, who look forward to the weekend  and other happy moments of freedom. The song is all about breaking chains the moment you get an off from office.


It was considered that being in school, you always look up to Chutti Time but Ali Gul Pir with his latest song broke the stereotype and brings in another dimension to the chutti time. In his latest single he beautifully expresses how all working people look up to Chutti Time.

Everyone is excited to finish studies and enter into professional life practically you enter into a grinding mill where you are always running after something and your boss is never much satisfied or pleased with your performance. Being an employee,  you are always waiting for promotion, salary increments and looking forward to weekends.

I contacted  Ali Gul Pir to know the idea behind this video. This is all what he has to say.

When I meet people who work 9 to 5 every day and hate their job, but they do it because they need to. For them Friday 5pm is a happy moment of freedom. For them the moment their salary is deposited, it’s a happy moment. So I wanted to appreciate the working class and celebrate their happiness”

He further told, “We have got 5 lac views in almost 1 week so the response is amazing!I’m going to keep on working on more songs and then maybe release an album end of this year or next year.”

With this i wish Ali Gul Pir a very best of luck for his future plans. He is a talented versatile young singer who deserves all the praise.

Arva Aslam

Arva Aslam

Arva Aslam is a fashion designer, fashion blogger and a student of MPhil.