The Nazis of our time

America and Britain, who are allowed to posses weapons of mass destruction by the gods of secular capitalism, destroyed Iraq for oil. They mowed down babies and women and innocent men and called them ‘collateral damage’. They made sure the bigger picture – the quest for oil, does not get lost in the blood of the useless.

After the Chilcot report the usual suspects in the British and American far-left are calling Bush and Blair war criminals. Do not let this confuse you. The American and British far left do not represent the people of America and Britain. Bush and Blair represented them.

These mad, bloodthirsty nations are the closest that we have to Nazis. If anybody in 2016 still wonders how the whole German nation let the Holocaust happen, take a long hard look at United States and England today. Step right up, you have a unique opportunity to discover what Nazis actually looked like. Now is the right time, while one chooses between Hillary and Trump and the other is looking for ways to kick out migrants they subjugated and profited from for centuries.

But how can these respectable people-of-the-civilization be so ‘barbaric’? They are obviously respectable countries with upright people? Right?

Between 150,000 to 1.2 million people have been killed by the war in Iraq.

So were the Nazis. Mass murders happen exactly because of the way we perceive violence. We think violence is done by ‘barbaric’ looking men yelling at each other while cutting each others throats with long knives in a field overflowing with blood. This is the most inefficient and antiquated form of violence and has nothing to do with the reality of the American and the British empires.

Real violence is done by men in suits looking at spreadsheets. It happens in offices in New York and Washington and London. Where deaths of X hundred thousand is planned for the 2nd Quarter of the next Fiscal Year. Where stories like ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ are fabricated so that the next century is also American. Where overweight white men and women yell ‘Murica as they cheer on the bombing of Baghdad on live TV, not knowing, not caring about the consequences of their actions.

Real violence happened in the polling stations where Bush was given a second term so that he is allowed to kill people and destroy countries for as long as is constitutionally possible.

But Iraq war was just one wrong decision, right?

Since the annihilation of Iraq, these modern-day Nazis, along with the rest of NATO have destroyed Libya and Syria based on more lies. They have given weapons to terrorists, uprooted centuries-old civilizations, destroyed families, directly caused the death of families just to achieve some minor political objectives in the Middle East.

No reports have been written about these yet, but Obama has, of course, won a Nobel Peace Prize.

The moral high-horse that Western secular capitalism sits on is made of blood and flesh of Iraqi, Libyan, and Syrian babies under the covers.

A round of applause for the rest of the world that has allowed and ignored another Holocaust. But lets forget that, lets talk about how ISIS is ‘evil’ because they don’t wear suits, or plan their mass murders in high-rise offices.

Waqas Ahmed

Waqas Ahmed

Waqas Ahmed is Editor, Digital Media, at Daily Pakistan Global. You can reach him at