#Feminstwin: Watch these women break massive stereotypes by proving that rioting is for everyone

Who said women in Pakistan are restricted to a household role, always playing second fiddle to the men. Benazir Bhutto has ensured a lasting legacy in terms of the presence of women in the executive of the country and while Firdous Ashiq Awan has carried that torch in the previous cabinet, women are rarely seen to be influential in politics on the grassroot level. This group of women however, has been breaking monumental barriers through their involvement in one of the most pivotal political movements in the century that in itself is unprecedented. Save for the women that were caught in the madness in one of PTIs rallies.

In contrast, these Mutahida aunties, disgruntled by the treatment afforded by the centre to MQM (and a series of unfavorable plot developments in Mann Mayal), have taken matters into their own hands and raided the office of one of the most sickly patriarchal news network in existence. While rioting in Pakistan was previously strictly the man’s domain, these women have proven that they too can smash LCDs.

And wield guns?

Everything that the men of Karachi can do, our Khawateen can do too and after #GirlsatDhabas and #GulluButt, we might even see #GirlsatDakas and #GulbajiButt.

Zeeshan Iftakhar

Zeeshan Iftakhar

Zeeshan Iftakhar is a student of Law at LUMS and a keen admirer of qeemay walay naan.