Imran Khan faces charges of blasphemy for speaking against PSL

PTI Chairman Imran Khan has been charged with ‘Gustakh-e-PSL’ in light of his comments regarding the calibre of foreign players that took part in the second edition of the tournament.

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His comments addressed the fact that the Pakistan Super League was unable to attract top-rated international players for the final in Lahore and that the large amounts offered to mediocre players would create this level of excitement:

This tag of mediocrity (or phateechar) is clearly anti-state and a threat to a number of projects in Pakistan which not only includes PSL but also CPEC, PIA, PSO, MetroBus, Sui Gas and Benazir Income Support program. This is not the first time the PTI chief has taken aim at progress at the hands of the PML-N government and these comments signify a different kind of civil disobedience.

However this time, Khan’s comments have endangered not only the final held in Lahore but have succeeded in sabotaging the entire PSL (now how will we tell the Indians that our league is better than theirs?).

Moreover, it is clear that the foreign players that took part in the final were top class and that this anti-state rhetoric is illogical when one considers that apart from established international cricketers, PSL also attracted film stars such as Vin Diesel. Here is a picture of Mr Diesel among his many fans.

Vin Diesel
Vin Diesel

It is clear that the person that is truly worthy of the tag of ‘Phateechar’ is Imran Khan for his role in criticizing something that so many Pakistanis cherish.

Zeeshan Iftakhar

Zeeshan Iftakhar

Zeeshan Iftakhar is a student of Law at LUMS and a keen admirer of qeemay walay naan.