KARACHI (Web Desk) – The revelation about sale of dog meat in a neighbourhood of Karachi under the very nose of police and Karachi Metropolitan Corporation on Monday startled the citizens.

Two people were caught in Ibrahim Haidery area an hour or two after police were tipped off about supposed slaughtering of dogs on the rooftop of a desolated building. A sack containing chopped meat was also seized in the raid from Imran and Ashraf.

Reports say this heinous crime was going on unchecked for the past six months.

“Our team conducted a raid and recovered a couple of slaughtered dogs and their meat along with a dagger,” a private television reported, citing a police official.

Reportedly samples have been sent out for lab tests to gather further evidence against the accused.

In their statement, Imran and Ashraf, who seemed to be addicts, maintained they were daily wagers and that they had refused to do this job, but they were forced to slaughter dogs.

An FIR has been lodged against the accused and raids are being carried out for arrest of their associates as well.

The investigation officer meanwhile said it was all a drama and that the dogs were being skinned by the addicts.