ISLAMABAD (Staff Report) – Reham Khan will have to stay away from PTI Chairman Imran Khan for a few more weeks, after Khan’s sons have extended their stay in Pakistan.

Salman Khan and Qasim Khan, two sons of Imran Khan, are currently residing in a Punjab’s tourist attraction, Nathia Gali, with their father. They were scheduled to return UK on Monday, but have extended their stay in the country.

Ms Khan, who led was previously in Haripur for an election campaign and is currently in Karachi, was scheduled ro reach Bani Gala on Monday. But she has extended her stay there after she received a ‘message’ about Salman and Qasim’s extended stay in Pakistan.

It was a mutual understanding between the pair of Khans that Ms Khan would not be staying at Bani Gala, Islamabad, during the stay of boys.

Meanwhile Imran Khan is seen enjoying good holidays with his sons in Nathiagali, according to photos circulating online.