ISLAMABAD (APP) – A total of 5536 Ph.D degrees were awarded to scholars of different universities during last five years.

Officials sources said, last year 1351 students secured Ph.D degrees, while 1211 completed their degrees in 2013, 1118 in 2012, 1024 in 2011 and 832 in 2010 showing a constant ascending trend which ensures that research based environment is nurturing in the country.

They informed APP that 25,812 fresh students were enrolled in Ph.D programme and 1,800,79 students got admissions in MS/M.Phil programmes in different disciplines in national level universities of the country during same time span.

In 2014-15, 7692 students were enrolled in Ph.D programme while 54147 got admissions in MS/M.Phil, as compared to 6215 in Ph.D and 41349 in MS/M.Phil in 2013-14, 4729 and 36533 in Ph.D and MS/M.Phil respectively in 2012-13, while 4117 and 26883 in both programmes respectively during 2011-12 while 3059 and 21167 secured admissions in Ph.D and MS/M.Phil respectively during 2010-11.

A total of 2265 Ph.D degree holders have been provided employment in the universities under Interim Placement of Fresh Ph.Ds in various varsities of the country, sources said.

Giving details, they said, during 2014-15, 484 scholars were inducted, followed by 499 each in 2013-14 and 2012-13, 483 in 2011-12 and 300 in 2010-11.

These placements under Interim Placement of Fresh Ph.D Programme (IPFP) included both Higher Education Commission scholars as well as Non-Higher Education Commission (HEC) scholars.