GUJRAT – A 62-year old woman has embroidered the nuskha (manuscript) of Quran by hand on a cloth without anyone’s help.

Naseem Akhtar, from the city of Gujrat in Punjab, started working on her edition of the Holy Quran in 1987.

The entire Holy Book is divided into ten binds, which includes 3 Siparas (Chapter) each, to make a total of 30 siparas.

The process of embroidering the entire Quran took Akhtar 32 years.

Her edition of the Holy Book is solely made from cloth, verse by verse, which she has knit from her own hands using threads of black and pink colour. The Quran is written on a 300-yard cloth, with an additional 25 yards of paper used in the lining as well.

“I am happy to have completed what I had started years ago, I have been in a constant state of ablution (Wudu) for the past 32 years and I want to put this copy of Quran in the library of holy Madinah,” Naseem told Daily Pakistan.

The total weight of all the volumes of this hand-embroidered Quran is 55 kgs. Each volume of the holy book is 22 inches long and 15 inches wide. The total number of pages in Akhtar’s version is 724.

Despite her desire for her hand-embroidered edition of the Quran to be displayed in a museum of Madinah, no official department from the Kingdom has contacted her yet.

She also wants her work to be listed in Guinness Book of World Records.