LAHORE (Staff Report) -A survey by the Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency (Pildat) has rated Punjab as No. 1 with 76 percent popularity.

The Punjab is followed by KPK government with 38 percent popularity.

The survey rated KPK government No. 1 and Punjab at No.2 in terms of governance.

The Pildat issued second part of the survey vis-a-vis popularity of  provincial governments after democratic provincial  governments two years in office.

According to the nationwide poll, that was conducted during June 02-12, 2015, the  3231 respondents from rural and urban areas from all the four provinces of Pakistan rated overall governance in Punjab better (76%), KP (38%), Sindh (30%) and Balochistan (28%).

Meanwhile the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government  remained at the clear front-runner with positive evaluation on 18 out of 28 Governance Indicators. Here KPK government  is followed by the Government of Punjab which has been positively evaluated on 8 out of 28 Governance Indicators.

Governments of Sindh and Balochistan both were seen positively evaluated on only 2 out of 28 Governance Indicators, which included law and order, poverty alleviation, education, health, transparency, revenue collection and anti-corruption related factors.

In this section only residents of the respective provinces were asked about individual Governance Indicators to assess about overall performance of Provincial Governments and Chief Ministers.

The PILDAT survey further showed that popular grievances are getting pinned down on the poor performance of politicians. The politicians running their respective Provincial Governments and the Federal Government are being blamed for their perceived failure to effectively tackle the major issues impeding Pakistan’s development as well as showing a lack of sincerity in effectively running their Departments and Ministries.

Moreover the Report also identified popular distrust for State Institutions of accountability and security, such as the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Government Officers and the Police. Conversely, a significant section (75%) of the population exhibited a strong trust for the Armed Forces of Pakistan while police and other government officers were voted as trustful by 32% of population.

Among federal ministries Ministry of Defence remained the most top rated with 55% positive evaluation while Ministry of Water and Power (27%) was listed at the bottom.