KARACHI –  A survey conducted by the American Business Council shows that over 78% of US investors say they plan to invest in Pakistan over the next 12 months in light of improving law an order situation, among other factors.

Over 78%  of respondents have indicated that they plan to invest in Pakistan over the next 12 months as compared to 65% in 2015, and 83% are optimistic about the long-term economic climate.

The majority of the participants rated the business climate of Pakistan in 2015-16 as satisfactory with only 8% giving it a poor rating.

Participants were asked to rate on factors including economic and political factors and performance of industries and businesses in the country in the last two years.

The US investors also believe there has been a notable improvement of 30% in law and order situation as compared to last year.

“Our members are positive and remain committed to Pakistan,” said Mr. Sami Ahmed, President of American Business Council of Pakistan.

He added that Pakistan’s standing in the international committee is vital in determining its competitiveness as other Asian countries continue to attract foreign capital.