KARACHI – In the wake of Waqar Zaka’s live Facebook video lambasting the family of late guitarist Aamir Zaki for “dumping” him at an Edhi centre, Daniyal Sohail, a nephew of the guitarist, has issued a clarification in a live Facebook video.

Waqar, in his live Facebook video, had criticised the artist community for being insensitive and indifferent to Zaki’s death, and claimed that was lying dead all alone with no one to take care of his body.

Waqar went to the Edhi morgue located in the Sohrab Goth area of Karachi where his body was kept. “Artists should come and see how Aamir is kept here. This day can also come in our lives,” an angry Waqar said in his live video on Facebook from the morgue.

Daniyal made a video statement in response to Waqar’s criticism and said that, though Zaki was in need of money, the family was supporting him properly, adding the family was at his side when he was alive.

He said Zaki enjoyed the support of almost everyone and the family also paid for his rent when he moved to live alone in DHA. Daniyal implored Zaka to stop exploiting his uncle’s death.

He further clarified that Zaki was taken to the Edhi mortuary by a family member, Aamir Zaki’s nephew Zahid Zaki, and he had been admitted in the cold storage facilities pending the funeral, due to the heat.

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