Were ‘qurbani’ camels forcibly tied in a Hindu temple? Activist Jibran Nasir debunks social media hoax

  • The camels were tied up in community hall outside the 'Siri Ram Dev Pir' temple
  • Hindu elders had permitted keeping sacrificial animals in community hall due to rain

KARACHI – Civil society activist Jibran Nasir unveiled the truth behind a viral video which implied that members of Muslim community used a Hindu temple for keeping their sacrificial animals ahead of Eidul Azha.

The activist, who often speaks out against the persecution of religious minorities in Pakistan, visited the specified temple ‘Siri Ram Dev Pir’ where the sacrificial animals were being allegedly kept. He posted a video on Monday featuring conversations with the representatives of Hindu community who categorically rejected the perception that the animals were stuffed forcefully inside the temple.

Revealing the whole episode, a Hindu member, Premchand Gee expressed that the camels which were shown in the video were tied up in the community hall outside the temple.

Premchand maintained that a few Murtis (embodiment or solid object) were installed in the community hall for Dussehra event but the said the area was not part of the temple.

The senior Hindu citizen, who is respected both by his community members and Muslims confirmed that the locals asked for permission whether they could keep their sacrificial animals in community hall owing to rain after which they allowed them to do so.

On the other hand, the Muslim members Umer Khattab and Shah Gee who live in the same town also confirmed that they had been living with their Hindu citizens ever since Pakistan came into being.

‘We exchange gifts and attend social events together’ Shah Gee said and claimed that he even attended an event organized by Hindu community last night.

Jibran, also claimed that the owner of the camels was charged with ‘Trespassing’ but the same Hindu elders showed up in court and confirmed that the permission was granted for keeping the animals in community hall.

The temple that is located near the Karachi airport has scores of Muslim and Hindu residents around its vicinity who have been co-existing for over five decades but the video that went viral on Friday somewhat served as an impetus to create a divide between the two communities, however, with the recent clarification the issue seems to be solved.