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ISLAMABAD (Web Desk) – Putting the government between a rock and a hard place, senior leader of Pakistan peoples Party, Aitzaz Ahsan has urged the government to arrest leaders of “Move on Pakistan” party for hanging pro-army chief posters.

Talking to newsmen outside Supreme Court, Aitzaz was of the view that the government is behind the posters to mount pressure on opposition.

“The posters in favour of General Raheel Sharif carry phone numbers of Move on Pakistan party leaders, so why authorities have not so far arrested them?” Ahsan said.

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“Why has Interior minister Chaudhry Nisar not so far taken notice of it? He must order their arrest and try them under Article 6 for treason,”the senator added.


The posters appeared in Lahore, Karachi and the garrison city of Rawalpindi as well as several army-run cantonment areas, begging the military chief to launch a coup, raised eyebrows of politicians in Pakistan. These were later removed by the special branch and officials of other intelligence agencies, Dawn News reported.

It is worth mentioning that Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Director General (DG) Lieutenant General Asim Bajwa earlier stated that the Army has nothing to do with banners having pictures of Raheel Sharif.