ISLAMABAD – Veteran lawyer Akram Sheikh disclosed the fee he charged the ruling Sharing family for representing them in Supreme Court in the Panama case.

In an interview to Channel 24 on Tuesday, Akram clarified that he did not take a single penny for defending Hassan and Hussain Nawaz before the apex court.

He went on to say that Nawaz Sharif’s sons were class fellows of his son, Barrister Raheel Kamran Sheikh when he was in Government College University Lahore and there was no way he could charge them anything.

“I was not the paid counsel for the children of Prime Minister,” he claimed and added that anyone could verify that.

Akram Sheikh’s son Raheel Kamran

He clarified that he withdrew from the Panama case because of health issues as it was strenuous. He maintained that he worked hard to make a legal framework and concise statement of the case so that the new legal team formulated by Sharif family could take up the case from where he left off.

Sheikh said that he was 67 years old and was facing health issues due to which he travelled to Madina and then California for treatment as well after December 9.

He expressed that his doctors advised him to refrain from working 16 hours a day, which he was doing for Panama case.

Sheikh vowed that the Qatari letter presented before the apex court was genuine and Sharif family was in a comfortable position to win the legal battle.

Earlier, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf claimed that Akram Sheikh detached himself from the case as it was becoming difficult for him to defend the ruling family.

“Akram felt satisfied after separation from the legal team and also thanked God by offering prayer as he felt he got rid of the high-profile case,” said a statement uploaded on PTI’S official Facebook page.

Picture posted on PTI’s official Facebook page