LAHORE (Staff Report) – Alif Ailaan has started a national campaign to guide parents on their role to improve quality education at public schools.

The campaign has been started in Lahore with collaboration of Kafka Welfare Organization and Youth Assembly Foundation.


In the campaign, parent’s guides are being disseminated in the community which contains information how parents can help to improve quality education at public schools.

The most suggested ways are to remove gap with children, their teachers and joining of school management committees which is possible through a simple application can be given to school headmaster.


The campaign was mainly held at walled city Lahore, Township Lahore and Liberty Market.


According to a survey in Lahore, 39% of class 5 students cannot read a story of Urdu, 41% students cannot read a sentence of English and 48% cannot solve two digits math question which shows great need to work on quality education.

Umair Asif from Alif Ailaan, Ali Salar from Kafka and Kamran from Youth assembly participated with other volunteers.