LAHORE- Human rights activist Asman Jahangir defied patriarchy one last time when her funeral prayer on Tuesday was attended both by men and women.

The lawyer’s  funeral prayer was offered at Gaddafi Stadium and was attended by scores of men, women and children. The prayer was led by Mualana Haider Farooq Maududi and her daughters Sulema and Munizae were seen in the front row.

People are both appreciating and criticizing women attending the funeral.

“Last subversive act” according to Rabia Mehmood.

Although people, in great numbers, were appreciating this defiance of male dominance and ages-old tradition some thought it was absurd. Mahreen Zahra-Malik had a befitting response to those against women being involved in funeral prayer.

According to International Islamic Research Foundation, women aren’t forbidden to attend funeral prayers. However, in Pakistani culture women don’t attend the last rituals due to traditional reasons.

Asma Jahangir, the human rights icon, has truly defied the so-called traditions she had been fighting all her life even in her death.