Baby born inside Nawabshah hospital’s bathroom dies after falling down toilet seat

  • The baby was stuck in the toilet for four hours before it was retrieved

NAWABSHAH – In a tragic turn of events, a baby who was born in a washroom of a hospital in Nawabshah died after falling down the toilet seat.

The appalling incident took place on Friday at the People’s Medical College and Hospital where Aasia Masih, a resident of Sanghar, gave birth in a bathroom of the hospital’s gynecology ward.

Unfortunately, the baby’s body was stuck in the toilet for four hours before it was retrieved as the hospital staff had to break the toilet bowl to take out the body.

Woman denied entry to Raiwind hospital gives birth on road

The grief-stricken Aasia and her family blamed the doctors at the hospital for the incident, accusing them of negligence.

The incident is not the first of its kind as last month, a woman had to give birth on a street outside the Tehsil Headquarters Hospital Raiwind, Punjab because there were no doctors at the medical facility.

Another woman gives birth outside hospital in Faisalabad

Not only that, a lady gave birth on road at Ganga Ram Hospital a few days after the Raiwind Hospital incident.

A third kind of such incident happened a few days after the two when an expecting lady gave birth inside an Ambulance outside the Tehsil Headquarters Hospital Tandlianwala.