LAHORE- A petition has been filed with the Lahore High Court(LHC) seeking a ban on the screening of Indian movies in Pakistani cinemas till resolution of the Kashmir issue, media reported on Tuesday.

According to sources, the plea was filed by advocate Ishtiaq Chaudhary who argued that while Indian forces were suppressing the voice of Kashmiris, Pakistani cinemas were promoting Bollywood.

The petition contended that government was adopting a dual policy by, on the one hand, calling for Kashmiri freedom, and, on the other hand, displaying Indian movies.

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To show solidarity with the innocent citizens of Kashmir, the plaintiff urged the court to ban the screening of Indian films in Pakistan.

Earlier in 2015, stage artist Iftikhar Thakur filed a complaint seeking ban on Indian films in Pakistan through the same counsel advocate Ishtiaq Chaudhary. However, the plea was dismissed by Lahore High Court.
At that time, Justice Ijzaul Ahsan of the LHC took up the petition and observed that the matter was related to government policy, which could not be challenged in court.