NEW DELHI (Web Desk) – A day after his critical comments regarding the death of a Kashmiri truck driver, Independent lawmaker of Jammu and Kashmir, Engineer Rashid, was attacked with ink today (Monday), NDTV reported.

Mr Rashid was at the Press Club in Delhi this afternoon, when three men set upon him and threw black ink on him. He was accompanied by the family members of the two people lynched in Udhampur

Two people have been detained for the attack, reported news agency Press Trust of India. ANI reported that the fringe group Hindu Sena has claimed responsibility for it.

“People talk of Talibanisation of Pakistan, look what is happening in India,” Mr Rashid said after the attack. “They are mentally ill. 80,000 people have died in Kashmir, putting ink on one Engineer Rashid will not change anything.” Mr Rashid said after the attack.

Yesterday, as clashes took place in Kashmir after the death of a trucker — who had been attacked by petrol bombs after some cows had been killed — Mr Rashid had dubbed the attack “Dadri 4”.