Bushra Maneka ‘returns to maternal home after dispute with Imran Khan’

  • Imran-Bushra dispute stemmed out of Maneka's son's presence at Bani Gala
  • Bushra Maneka had been at her maternal home from over a month
  • Imran Khan's 'expelled dogs' have returned back

ISLAMABAD – Bushra Maneka, the third wife of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan, has reportedly returned to her maternal home after having a dispute with the politician.

A local Urdu daily reports that the reason behind the feud between the newly married couple was the presence of Bushra’s son at Bani Gala residence of PTI chief for a time longer than necessary.

In its report, the Daily Ummat states that it was agreed before the marriage that no one from Bushra’s family would stay for a longer period of time at Bani Gala; however, the presence of Maneka’s son from his former husband, Khawar Fareed Maneka irked Imran Khan.

“Reham Khan, the second wife of PTI supremo, also had a skirmish with him after her son stayed at Imran Khan’s residence,” it added.

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According to the sensational report, Imran Khan’s sisters who were not happy at his third marriage were also residing in Bani Gala residence and were actively involved in its renovation, adding weight to the suspicions that something was fishy between Imran Khan and his wife.

Another aspect, which gives credence to the rumours of dispute, is that Khan’s pet dogs living at the farm house.

Bushra Maneka reportedly considers the dogs presence an interruption in her religious activities.

Over the latest conflict between Imran Khan and his spiritual mentor-turned-wife, the PTI chief has yet to make any statement.