Islamabad – Prime Minister Imran Khan casted his vote in by-elections today in NA 53 Islamabad, a seat among others he left to retain his paternal one.

During his visit, strict security measures were taken.

Other prominent politicians also casted their votes in their respective constituencies.

Saad Rafique casted his vote in F block, polling station number 6 of NA 131 constituency of Lahore. He is contesting elections against PTI prominent electable Humayun Akhtar Khan.

Leader of PML-Q Chaudhary Shujaat performed his national duty of casting vote in NA 69 Gujrat. PTI stalwart Ghulam Sarwar Khan casted his vote in NA63 Taxila.

Awais Ahmad Khan Leghari cast his vote in PP 292 DG Khan. PTI candidate from NA 243 Alamgir Khan cast his vote in Ghulshan College. PSP chief Mustafa Kamal has also cast his vote in the same constituencies.

Other leaders are also performing their national duty in their respective areas. The voting process will continue till 5:00PM.