ISLAMABAD (Online) – The Supreme Court has given a 15-day time to the federal government for framing rules and regulations in connection with the local government polls in Islamabad.

The apex court also sought a copy of a notification besides ordering to return the security fee to the candidates obtained from them under the previous schedule.

While taking up a petition on Monday, SC Judge Jawwad S Khawaja remarked the resolution of problems of the masses lies in holding the LG polls. “Elections have not held, why you are charging the fee. Is the fee a Jagga tax?” he remarked.

Justice Khawaja inquired from Additional Attorney General (AAG) Amirur Rehman if the rules and regulations have been framed with reference to the LG polls. The AAG told the court the rules and regulations have been framed and only notification was awaited to be issued.


The judge asked him to ascertain from the government and apprise the court when the LG polls will be held so that the court could issue further orders.

Rehman assured the court that rules and regulations would also be uploaded on the web site and the notification will be issued within 15 days.

Zafar Ali Shah told the court the election commission has received fee from the candidates and as the elections have not taken place, orders should be issued for returning the sum.

The court ordered the election commission to return the money collected from the candidates.

The hearing was adjourned till August 27.