LAHORE (Staff Report) – Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah on Tuesday said that joint civil, military intelligence-based operations (IBPs) will be conducted against terrorists across the province.

While talking to media persons, Sanaullah said action would be taken jointly by all law enforcing agencies, adding that some areas of “kacha” have been identified where operations will be launched by police, elite force and the counter-terrorism department, and if need be Rangers and Army will be called in.

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“As 5,221 people were initially rounded up from different parts of Punjab out of which 5,005 have been released after verification of their documents,” Rana Sanaullah said. However, 216 suspects are still under custody for further investigation, he added.

At least, 56 IBOs were carried out by the Punjab police whereas 16 raids conducted by the counter-terrorism department, Sanaullah said.