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KARACHI (Web Desk) – Civil society activist Muhammad Jibran Nasir has launched a campaign against the “Move on Pakistan” party that placed the banners demanding the martial law by Chief of army staff, Raheel Sharif.

Jibran Nasir was seen removing the pro-martial law posters in the video he released on Tuesday on Facebook.

He wrote “Martial Law is not the solution to our problem. Strong independent and accountable democratic institutions will take us forward. These banners placed by “Move On Pakistan” are not only urging the COAS to break the constitution but are also maligning the COAS who has given no indication to stage a coup.”

“Citizens who believe in a democratic Pakistan should resist these moves. remove these banners and send a loud and clear message that we believe in making PMLN, PPP, PTI, MQM, JI and others accountable but we will not stand for any military intervention in politics of Pakistan.” He further added. 

‘Move on Pakistan’ had put up banners and posters on major roads of Karachi saying: “Khuda ke liye ab aajao” (For God’s sake, take over), indicating a demand for martial law by COAS.

VIDEO: Jibran Nasir removing Pro-martial law banners

In December 2014, following the Peshawar’s attack which led to 141 dead, Jibran led the procession calling for the arrest of controversial Lal Masjid cleric Abdul Aziz, for which he subsequently received alleged threats from Taliban spokesman.

Jibran played a key role in organising demonstrations carrying playcards and candles.