KARACHI (Staff Report) – In an incidence of alleged suicide, a student of class 10th in a private  school near Gururmandir area fatally shot himself after shooting to death his classmate, police said on Tuesday.

According to the police, the incident took place when students were assembled in the school ground for the morning assembly.


Students rushed to their classes when they heard shots fired. The bodies of the girl and boy were found by their class fellows.


Police have recovered the 9mm pistol used in this shooting.


Earlier, the male student who committed suicide had uploaded a photo on Facebook, revealing his intentions of committing suicide to his friends and family, but nobody paid any attention as it turns out.

Student's Facebook post a day before committing suicide
Student’s Facebook post a day before committing suicide

The police said they were investigating the incident.  A student told reporters that they heard shots when they were attending assembly.