ISLAMABAD (Web Desk) – Pakistan born British business man and Pakistan Tehrike-Insaf’s (PTI) chairman Imran Khan’s close aide Zulfiqar Bukhari alas Zulfi Bukhari has reached Bani Gala with Reham Khan’s special message to IK.

Zulfi Bukhari is real estate business man in London and is known as one of the characters behind Dharna.

According to sources, Imran Khan had tasked Zulfi to settle issues with Reham Khan in London.

For this purpose, he met Reham Khan yesterday in a hotel near Knight Bridge and conveyed IK’s message to Reham.

After a three-hour long meeting both went off the hotel in Zulfi’s car together.

Now, Zulfi Bukhari has reached Bani Gala today and met Imran Khan with some special message from Reham Khan.