LAHORE – In a bid to prevent ‘sin’ ahead of Valentine’s Day, police in Lahore’s Shahdara area on Friday arrested a married couple on the charges of adultery.

The husband and wife, Nasir Hussain and Saima Nasir, were arrested after the police raided their home and were produced before the Judicial Magistrate after facing charges of adultery.

However, the accused’s lawyer produced the ID cards of the married couple as an evidence and stated that the police conducted the raid to avenge the personal enmity.

The lawyer further alleged that the police tortured the naked pair throughout the night.

The judicial magistrate Imtiaz Ahmed Bajwa quashed the case against the married couple and grilled the DIG operations over the extremely impetuous and unnecessary actions against the innocent couple. The magistrate ordered the DIG operations to reconsider and monitor the performance of his subordinate officers.

The magistrate went on to say that the police had violated personal privacy of the citizens and trespassed on their home without any warrant. He said it was unethical that the police squad didn’t take any female police officer with them.

The vigilant Punjab police, ahead of Valentine’s Day, has started taking several measures to prevent the “immoral activities” and violation of ‘Islamic laws’ in the city.

Last year, the government had officially banned the celebration of Valentine’s Day. The debate even made it to the parliament followed by stringent actions including the deployment of more police officials on roads and banning of public parties.