There is a video circulating online in which one Daily Pakistan reporter can be seen asking questions at a PPP gathering in interior Sindh. That video has never been published on any of Daily Pakistan’s online platforms, yet it shows Daily Pakistan’s equipment (microphone with our logo) being used for this purpose. The interview is crude, indecent and in very bad taste. Our organization does not condone this distasteful and deeply problematic behavior and we respect all citizens of Pakistan, irrespective of their English language skills, province or political affiliation.

The video, which was not shared by any of our official social media platforms, was shared via the personal platforms of the reporter, from where it went viral. No one was commissioned or allowed to shoot such a video.

For this, the reporter has been terminated.

Daily Pakistan has many such reporters throughout Pakistan, all of whom have been provided access to the Facebook Live platform. For the sake of speed and timeliness, we have given all of them our equipment.

We apologize to all of our readers whose sentiments have been hurt by the video.