LAHORE (Staff Report) – Latest buzz on micro-blogging website twitter is about recent news article in Pakistan’s leading newspaper Dawn that claimed the Pakistan lost 1965’s war against India saying “there can be no a bigger lie, as Pakistan lost terribly,” just a day ahead of 50th Defence Day.

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Tweeps from Pakistan reacted to the article terming it completely baseless and manipulated product of misinterpreted facts, using hashtag #DawnPawnOfModi. The topic became most discussed at twitter in Pakistan.

The social media activists blamed Historian and political economist Dr S. Akbar Zaidi for distorting and presenting one-sided facts in a lecture at Karachi University where he was quoted in article saying “Students are not taught the history of the people of Pakistan rather it is focused on the making of Pakistan,”.

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In the lecture Dr Zaidi also claimed that Sir Syed Ahmad Khan did not want India divided into two separate countries while ignoring the historical event from 1867 when the Muslim scholar termed Urdu-Hindi controversy as beginning of division of Indian sub-continent.

Furthermore he urged students to read Shuja Nawaz’s book Crossed Swords that according to him exposed reality of 1965’s Pak-India war, ignoring many hundreds of other books on the topic and foremost of all where are the historic proofs of our loss in 1965 war?

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Many of tweeps further extended their allegations to editorial board of Dawn as it has recently published a series of articles that said Pakistan lost to India in 1965, and what a co-incident this all is happening when India has begun celebrations of “victory” against Pakistan in 1965’s war from August 28 for the first time in history.

Moreover the newspaper published all this without revisiting the published historical records of international media and their very own editions from 1965 that clearly declared Pakistan as winner of the war.

Here are few selected tweets under #DawnPawnOfModi: