ISLAMABAD – The smog blanketing large parts of Punjab is not only affecting the air people breath but is also affecting power distribution.

A statement released by the power division stated that the National Transmission and Despatch Company (NTDC) on Friday acted to save different cities of the country from a blackout after 200 and 500KV grid stations were affected by smog.

Construction workers seen performing their duties despite the presence of smog in Lahore.

The thick fog blanketing areas of Punjab is proving to be a challenge for the transmission system, added the Power Division statement.

Four nuclear power plants, Chashma I-IV, have been shut down in addition to four other power plants producing 4,250mw of electricity.

Due to various power plants being shut down, there is a likelihood of load-shedding increasing in the country.

An emergency plan will be put into action to deal with the issues faced by power division, added the statement.

Residents of various parts of Punjab continue to face health and commutation problems as smog engulfs most parts of the province, including province’s capital Lahore.

What role can you play?

Smog continues to obscure Lahore and its surrounding areas. You can do your part to reduce air pollution. Here is how:

Take care of your cars. Get regular tune-ups and change your car’s oil on schedule. Inflating tires to the proper level can improve gas mileage and reduce emissions.

Avoid burning municipal waste.

Plant more trees outdoors. The leaves help catch air pollutants.

Avoid products that release high levels of VOCs. For example, nail polish, perfumes, paint thinner, air fresheners.

Reduce speed and switch on the fog lights to avoid any untoward incident during the haze.