LAHORE – The leaders of Pakistan Peoples Party who were terming the invitation for participating in U.S. President Donald Trump’s oath-taking ceremony to Asif Ali Zardari as an honour and image-building exercise might be disappointed after learning the reality revealed by a Pakistani columnist.

Anjum Niaz, a columnist, stated that Trump sold the tickets for a pre-inauguration dinner followed by oath taking ceremony for $1 million to donors, adding that Asif Zardari would only have gotten the ticket after paying for it, as Trump is a businessman who makes everything about money.

He stated in his column that Center for Public Integrity, a leading investigation news agency of U.S, has gotten a brochure according to which tickets for the ceremony had been sold for $1 million to donors.

PPP had issued a press release saying that Zardari had been invited to attend the ceremony, terming it an honour. Later, it was stated that Shirin Rehman and Rehman Malick were also invited.

The invitation seems suspicious as Trump had himself announced that it was proving a challenge to accommodate everyone in the oath-taking ceremony, he added.

He expressed his views that Zardari would have given the amount as a donor to Trump for getting the ticket. Zardari was well known to reap dual benefits on the basis of the invitation, he claimed.