KARACHI – Labour Inspector of United Tubes factor was denied entry in the factory on Thursday.

The report comes following a viral video that showed a senior figure in the factory punching, slapping and beating employees with a stick. In the video, a man, who is presumed to be the director of the factory, can even be seen slapping a female employee across the face.

It has not yet been determined why the labour inspector was denied entry and how far he was responsible for what was shown in the video. Rights activist and lawyer Jibran Nasir shared the news on his Twitter account.

Mentioning the names of factory’s clients, which includes Colgate, Sensodyne and Novartis, Nasir said that the said brands should boycott the factory.

A former IT manager of the factory, Faisal Aziz reached out to Samaa News to share his ordeal at the factory.

“This video is of United Tubes Pvt Limited,” said Faisal Aziz. “I was fired from this factory for raising my voice against the treatment that employees had to undergo at this factory,” Aziz told Samaa News.

Faisal stated that employees were thrashed on a regular basis by the factory’s director Mohammad Ilyas Chawla. Chawla even resorted to beating up women, he said.

“Salaries of the staff were also withheld from the employees,” revealed the former IT manager.

Faisal claimed that he was fired for protesting against the ill-treatment of women and children. The former IT manager of the factory stated that he had been fired in December and for the last few months, all his benefits and gratuity had been withheld by the factory.