Doc who was fired after sending Sharmeen Obaid’s sister a friend request offered new job

  • Agha Khan Hospital says the decision to expel the doctor was based on AKUH’s policy and not under social pressure
  • Social media divided over the accusation of sexual harassment by the Emmy-winning filmmaker

KARACHI – A leading private hospital has offered an opportunity to the doctor who was recently fired after sending a friend request to the sister of Emmy-winning filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy on social media.

In a statement of Hashmanis Hospital, CEO Arsalan Hashmani said: “The doctor was recently fired on grounds of harassment because he sent a Facebook Friend request to a former patient. To our organization this is not what sexual harassment means.”

Although the hospital’s management currently doesn’t have the contact details of the doctor but they are offering him “a full time job at Hashmanis Hospital’s casualty department at a similar role and pay scale as what he earned before”.

Hashmanis Hospital

The job posting also includes several hashtags: #Bringchange, #ActionsSpeakLouderthanWords, #Change.

Established in 1981, Hashmanis Hospital has successfully developed itself one of the most reputed names in the field of eye care. It is credited to introduce IOL in Pakistan in the year 1982 and then later introducing Phacoemulsification in the year 1995.

In 2004, Hashmanis introduced Wave Front LASIK technology in Pakistan. The following year, Hashmanis introduced the microphaco technique with rollabl IOLs, followed by the introduction of Torsional Phaco in 2006, and later on with the introduction of PHAKIC IOLs in Pakistan in the year 2007.

Hashmanis is running five various charity hospitals in Pakistan, with two hospitals in Karachi, one in Swabi (KPK), one in Sahiwal (Punjab) and one in Kotri (Sindh).

Doctor who sent a friend request to Sharmeen Obaid’s sister fired from job

‘Harassment’ or ‘Just A Friend Request?

The Hashmanis’ offer comes days after the medical practitioner had to lose his job after Oscar-winning filmmaker took to the social media to accuse him of harassment.

The doctor’s dismissal comes days after Mahjabeen Obaid, the sister of Pakistan’s first Academy Award winner, visited the Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH), Karachi for her treatment. After a while, she received a friend request from the same doctor.

Sharmeen, the six-time Emmy Award and two-time Oscar winner, vowed to report this case of “harassment” while taking the issue to social media.

‘No Social Pressure’

Earlier on Saturday, Agha Khan University Hospital (AKUH) refused to issue any information regarding the doctor, who was accused by Sharmeen of harassing her sister.

The decision to fire the doctor was based on AKUH’s policy and not on any Social Pressure: Agha Khan University Hospital

“The Agha Khan University Hospital always maintains the highest standards of confidentiality, regardless of patient or employees status and will not release any information on its patients or employees. AKUH follows its policies and makes its decisions based on facts, and not on any social pressure,” the hospital said in a statement.

However, according to a senior member of board at AKUH, the doctor in question was already under investigation and was given warning due to complaints received by several female staff members and patients.

Social Media Backlash

Agha Khan University Hospital and Ms. Chinoy faced harsh criticism over the decision of letting the doctor go and misusing the word ‘harassment’, respectively.

The offer by Hashmanis Hospital also saw a mixed reaction by the social media users.

Also, on social media, a hashtag #BringTheDoctorBack is trending.