Karachi University Professor Dr Muhammad Ismail ‘goes missing’

  • Unknown people broke in and forcefully took professor away

Karachi – Dr Muhmammad Ismail, a professor at the department of Islamic Studies (Usool-ud-din) in Karachi University, reportedly went missing on Tuesday.

According to the family members, the academic went missing two weeks ago when late at night some unknown people broke into the house and forcefully took him with them.

According to the account of security officials, Mr. Ismail’s wife reported his forceful disappearance to the chairman of the department, who forwarded the issue to the Dean of respective department and Vice Chancellor of the university.

The university administration, however, remained mum on the subject of the professor’s disappearance for 15 days and refused to comment on the incident.

University of Karachi has been under the spotlight for quite sometime. The recent emergence of Ansarul Shariah and the alleged involvement of student of KU with banned outlet has raised a lot of questions. On September 21st, members of intelligence agency carried out a raid and nabbed three alleged terrorists from the staff colony of the university.

Official sources said that a captured Ansarul Shariah member, Danish Rasheed, tipped the authorities regarding the presence of three terrorists who were spending the night in the staff colony of KU. As a result, the raid was conducted and arrests made.