PESHAWAR (Online) – A Dubai-bound flight returned to Bacha Khan International Airport (BKIA) in Peshawar on Monday, following a bomb threat.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Peshawar offloaded all passengers onboard Shaheen Airline flight NL-786 after the officials received information about a bomb suspected to be planted in the passenger plane.

According to CAA officials, the airliner was bound to leave for Dubai when officials received information about a suspected bomb. Soon after, teams offloaded all the passengers and searched the aircraft.

The passengers were likely to be questioned, the official informed.

The Airport manager said that search has been completed but things were unclear since we fear a bomb inside the plane.

All flight operations at Peshawar airport were suspended.

“We can’t risk people’s lives; we have searched the plane thoroughly before its departure” CAA spokesperson George Pervaiz said.