In Pakistan – especially remote areas – women, children and the elderly are generally responsible for the water fetching duties, carrying the water in containers that rest on their heads. In an effort to alleviate the devastating spinal, neck and back injuries caused by this traditional method of water collection, Tayaba, a UK-based organisation has launched Pakistan’s first water rollers called ‘H2O wheel’.

The H2O Wheel can be pushed or pulled and the drum opening is large enough to allow for easy filling and cleaning of the inside surface.

Bilal Bin Saqib, the founder of the charity organisation has travelled all the way from the UK to manufacture and distribute these water rollers in Pakistan’s most remote areas where access to water remains the biggest hurdle in development and amelioration of health-related issues.

ELAJ, an organisation founded by rights activist and lawyer Jibran Nasir, is helping Tayaba in leading up the cause by asking the general public to generously donate to the project that seeks to proliferate the manufacturing of these revolutionary water rollers in Pakistan for the first time.

Water rollers were first manufactured in drought-ridden and impoverished areas of Africa where malnutrition due to famine has caused major health disaster. The rampant health issues in Pakistan’s remote areas have also been declared alarming and symptomatic of major factor: inaccessibility of water.

Until now, water rollers were only being imported from other countries, this is the first time that similar water rollers are being replicated in Pakistan’s own manufacturing factories.

The United Nations categorises Pakistan amongst those few unfortunate countries where water shortages could destabilise and jeopardise its existence in the next 10 years.

ELAJ, in the past, has raised donations, conducted rescue operations and provided disaster relief to victims of heatwave, flood, drought and earthquake in different parts of Pakistan.

The Trust also seeks to promote, proliferate and innovate modern healthcare solutions in Pakistan with its recently set up tech incubator called Elaj Tech Lab.