Fake News

KARACHI (Staff Report) – While Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is still looking into Axact’s fake degree scandal and arrested suspects still remain to be convicted, it is revealed that Myanmar’s new nominated minister for planning and economics had also obtained a doctorate degree from the Pakistan based bogus online university.

Kyaw Win, who is expected to assume his new office next week, has confirmed to have earned PhD degree from an online university -which was apparently based in United States.

However when his CV was placed at an online portal the netizens noted that Brooklyn Park University was one of the Axact’s fake online universities.

As a result the minister-designate confessed that he had actually bought the doctorate degree from an online university which was found to be bogus afterwards. He announced that he will no longer call himself a doctor.

Meanwhile media reports say that Myanmar’s new elected government is now mulling to avoid appointing such a controversial man in finance department. However no formal announcement has been made in this regard so far.

A spokesman for the ruling party was quoted as saying “fake educational credentials do not make any difference to the eligibility of minister’s appointment,” in a news report.