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KASUR (Web Desk) – A man was recently revealed to have raped his newlywed daughter-in-law in Kasur and blackmailed her with nude photos he had taken of her.

According to reports, Nazia married Raeet Ali, the man’s son, a few months back.

However, Sarwar, Raeet’s father, managed to snap some indecent photos of his daughter-in-law, with which he blackmailed her and forced her into having intercourse with him.

When Raeet Ali found out about this he entered a scuffle with his father.

Raeet then disappeared for a considerable period of time, with locals claiming that a gang had kidnapped him at the behest of his father. However, Raeet has since returned, and in a conversation with local newspaper, he said that he felt great shame in being Sarwar’s son.