SHARJAH (Staff Report) – Fatima Bhutto has said she wants only to be a novelist, not a politician.

She said exclusively while talking to Daily Pakistan during the Sharjah Book Fair on Sunday.

Fatima Bhutto – whose father, an elected member of parliament, was killed by the police in 1996 in Karachi – said: “I grew up always looking for home. I wasn’t brought up in Pakistan, I went there as a young girl of 11.

“I was born in Kabul and from an early age I found myself asking, where is home? I think when you have that question in your mind it never goes away.”

“I went to the earthquake hit areas of Azad Kashmir with my mother where we met with victims and later on wrote a book titled “8:50 AM October 8, 2005”, she explained.

Fatima Bhutto also provided medicine and other food to the quake-hit people in the area.

Sharjah International Book Fair will continue till November 14, 2015.