NAIROBI – Senior police officer and former FIA Director Sindh Shahid Hayat has been hospitalised in Nairobi, Kenya, after his health deteriorated on Sunday.

According to a statement issued by Director FIA Sindh Asim Qaimkhani, Hayat is suffering from fever and contracted double pneumonia while on a training course in Kenya, Nairobi.

“Considering the severity of his condition, Mr Hayat was sedated and put on ventilator to release pressure on his lungs and allow them to heal,” the statement read.

“He is currently intubated and his prognosis is good.”

“We expect to hear some more good news in the coming days as some of his reports are awaited.”

His wife also arrived in Nairobi, where he is being treated in a hospital. Shahid Hayat had recently been taking part in a four-month training program at Staff College Lahore.