ISLAMABAD – Begum Samina Alvi launched the elimination of breast cancer campaign under the auspices of Pink Ribbon in Islamabad on Wednesday.

As she pressed the button to begin the campaign, the entire building of the President House doused in Pink Colour to create awareness about the breast cancer in Pakistan.

Speaking on the occasion, Samina Alvi said every third woman in Pakistan is at the risk of suffering from breast cancer, but timely diagnosis can help cure the disease.

She said women should not feel shy in examining them to detect breast cancer and should immediately consult a doctor if they find anything extraordinary.

She urged the media to play an active role in creating awareness among masses about the disease. Breast cancer is rapidly increasing in Pakistan due to lack of awareness, she added.

Samina Alvi said doctors, midwives, nurses, and teachers should be invited in TV morning shows to create awareness about breast cancer as 90 percent of such patients can be cured if the disease is diagnosed in time.