Four robbers ‘murdered by accomplices’ in Sialkot

  • According to police, the slain suspects had killed police constable 'Muhammad Zubair' a few days back

SIALKOT – As many as four ‘robbers’ were killed by firing of their accomplices during a robbery incident here on Thursday morning at Sialkot tehsil of Punjab province.

The nature of the killings was confirmed by police who added that 10 robbers were looting the people at Kharotta Syedaan.

The suspects tried to intercept some men who refused to stop. The robbers opened fire and bullets hit their own accomplices instead of the citizens.

The slain robbers were identified as Anwar alias Tidda, Rizwan alias Ganju, Ali alias Goonga and Naveed Masih according to the FIR lodged with Kotli Loharaan police station on Aug 24.

Police shifted the dead bodies to Government Allama Iqbal Memorial Teaching Hospital, Sialkot, for autopsy and claimed that the [slain] suspects had allegedly murdered a constable two days ago.

The FIR regarding murder of 45-year old constable Muhammad Zubair was registered with Kotli Loharaan police station on Aug 22 by SI Zafar Iqbal stating that the [slain] suspects Anwar, Rizwan, Ali and Naveed had shot dead  Zubair and injured two other constables during a raid.