People around the country are observing a three-day strike against fruit vendors for overcharging during Ramazan.

The boycott has however met with mixed reactions from the public. Some ardently support it while some believe it is targeting poor sellers instead of wholesalers and retailers who are the real culprits behind excessive prices.

However, Bushra Gohar, senior vice-president of the Awami National Party (ANP), has come up with a new ‘theory’ that claims to discern the ethnic propaganda behind the boycott.

Giving the campaign a conspiratorial guise, Gohar shared a post on her Facebook wall that accused the campaigners of conspiring against the Pashtun fruit vendors who make the 90 percent of fruit market in the country.

Calling the campaigners ‘prejudiced pimps’, the post implored people to get united against the conspiracy.

These types of rhetorical posts by prominent leaders in the past have done nothing but fueled ethnic hatred and grievances in the country.